Tuesday, June 21, 2011

National Cancer Survivors Day, Part Three of my Speech

So here is Part Three of my keynote speech given on June 5, at the National Cancer Survivors Day, Celebration of Life, in Fairfield, CA.

Thank you so much to my boy Robin, who is my computer geek, for clipping and downloading these pieces for me!  I love you Son.

I don't think I've mentioned that oldest son Batman, has left on tour now, with the awesome World Champion Concord Blue Devils!  My son is an awesome bad ass snare player.  Check out the Blue Devils website at bluedevils.org

Duncle Dody said that now that both Batman and I are taking our show on the road, Robin will have to take care of the home front and the canine companions while Dad is out making the money!

Hope you enjoy the video.

Um, please write.  I'm getting lonely here at the sacred ordinary...


Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie,
I just watched your whole speech. You did an outstanding job - wish I could have been there. I thought you were brave before, but even more so now that you've taken to the stage! Go girl!! BTW, your hair looks fabulous. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

writergirldreams said...

TMackQ, Girl, I been thinking about you, wow, so glad you peeped!!! We need to get together and do lunch or breakfast!

Happy you enjoyed the speech.

Hey will you facebook me?

Hug hug.

kim said...

Love your speech. What a great speaker you are. Is there more??

Damselfly said...

Great to see part 3--you are a fantastic speaker! What I really notice (beyond your amazing story and self) is how much you have the audience on the edge of their seats here--they're so with you. Ditto the "is there a part 4" question! So sorry I missed you when you were here in the home town...loved the post about the 2 angels at Novato High. I read your blog on the iPad...but it's not good as posting comments. Have to be on the laptop for that...with you even if not always speaking up. Love that you're still blogging. Thanks to you and Robin for posting your speech. A++!

Kimberly said...

We're out here. We just might not always post. We hear you loud & clear, don't get discourage. What you post does matter to so many (me included).

Anonymous said...

Comedy and cancer camp, how great! So glad you are taking it on the road. If you were nervous, it doesn't show
Thanks to Robin or being an awesome son , always there fr his Mom. Waiting for part 4.
Take care my friend,
Llaurie Jean

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