Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rockin the Pink

I posted this video once before on the blog, and wanted to share it with you again today.  It is so deeply metaphorical for me and my journey through breast cancer, and there were many sleepless nights on chemo crack that I played the video again and again on my ipod.

This is what I had to say about it on my FB page today:

This song and this video was my anthem all during cancer treatment, shedding and letting go of my old self, carried and lifted by the people who love me, baptized by adversity, saved by grace, answering the call to rise. My hope is unstoppable. My faith is unshakable. My spirit unbreakable. I walk through every door. I surrender to this precious sacred life. Amen.

Rockin the Pink, that's how I roll now...

Yes, early detection saves lives,

but we want a cure.

Give us the cure.

Relay for Life is only ten days away.

See you Aug. 6 at 9 pm, where I will be the speaker at the Luminaria ceremony.  Please come and share in this moving ceremony, and meet The Good Witch too! (St. Vincent's-St. Pat's High School, Vallejo)

1 comment:

rochambeau said...

So glad you are rocking in the PINK! I celebrate you, Writer Girl and will throw glitter in the air in your name and honor!


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