Tuesday, July 19, 2011


If Tinkerbell was middle aged now,
put on a few pounds,
still occasionally pouty
and a breast cancer survivor,
I think she'd look just like me.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! no doubt about that one. Love you, Deb.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt it for a minute. Now that your hair has grown out to a "pixie", you're an absolute double . . . well, except for the wings.

You look marvelous, baby, and it does my heart good.


Beneath the Eaves said...

I know you have wings and magic powers! I BELIEVE

writergirldreams said...

Ha ha, thanks everybody, that's funny. I have always loved that Tinkerbell, even though she is a stinker sometimes! We may pouting look cute!

Yes Sister, I got wings, glued on and decorated by all my Sisters who come here, like you! Thank you for BELIEVING!

writergirldreams said...


Anonymous said...

Tinkerbell. . . she went her own way not matter what everyone told her she needed to do.

When push came to shove . . . she really needed her friends to get her through.

She was really into "life" and buzzed around doing it all . . . seeing it all . . . dive bombing it all.

She was a sister, but I have to admit. Even now at my age, I hate her for her perky boobs and fitting into that little, tiny outfit.

Let your "Tink light" shine, dear sister.

More Hugs,

writergirldreams said...

That was weird, I wrote a comment, on my own blog, and it never appeared! Let me start again. Thank you Sister Pat for my little story all about Tink, I loved that, and just about snuggled up and had you tuck me in bed to listen! Yes, dive bombing my life and letting my Tink light shine! I still have fits of pouty, and I doubt I'll be able to fit into the little outfit, but I am flitting around, sniffing every flower, maximizing every hug, and feeling so absolutely grateful for my life and for all my Sisters, like you, on this journey with me. I pray my Tink light is like a beacon for all the Sisters behind me on the path, who need a booster shot of hopefulness and a there there now...

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