Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let's Relay!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the day folks, and I walked the Survivors Lap this morning, kicking off our fabulous Vallejo Relay for Life!!!  Tonight is the Luminary ceremony and I am the Survivor Speaker, and following me is The Good Witch, my lovely and loved oncologist!  What a team we make!

I will be posting photos and possibly some video later, but just wanted my Sistahs to see the luminary made for all of you!  Now don't be hurt if your name is not on it, I did it from memory, and yikes, I'm sure I probably left someone really special off!

Either way, a candle will be lit tonight for all of you, my beloved Sisters on the NOS message Board.  I never ever in a million years could have gotten through this last year without all of you!

My Sisterhood of the Cancerous Breasts, when one reaches back for me, I reach back for another!

I love you Sistahs!!!!!!!!!!!!

your writergirl that dreams

p.s. I have raised $940 of my $1,000 goal, and it's not to late to donate to my Relay efforts.  Just click on the link and you will go directly to my page!



Beneath the Eaves said...

I just saw this from NOS. Thanks so much!!! You are a sweetheart

Jill said...

I love love love this!!! Also, I just listened to your luminary ceremony speech. I can't say it enough -- you are amazing!! And it was so awesome to hear your voice.

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