Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Notes to Self

There are things I learned today.

Like -

Beet juice spilled on bare feet and a kitchen rug look like a crime scene.

Some people keep saying yes when they mean no, and some people keep saying no when they mean yes.  Therefore, there are some people whose words you must ignore and instead listen to what they do.

Whoever wrote the golden rule was kind and smart.   Jesus said turn the other cheek.  Buddha said Do No Harm.  Lord let me be an instrument of peace and be kinder than is necessary or expected, and with myself too.

You should not bring attention to the fact that your high school freshman cute boy has been texting you every day from school since school started because then the texts will stop and you will miss them.

It is good when this house is filled with all of us, there is no place I would rather be.

It gets really old strapping fake boobs on every day.

Dogs like it when you whisper sweet things in floppy ears, like "You are a good good dog.  I love you, you are a good good girl, good dog good dog."  Why don't we whisper into our people's ears the way we do our dogs?  "You are a good good person, I love you, you make me happy, you are good good good."  Why aren't we as soft with the people we love the way we are with our dogs?

Even though your girlfriend lives in LA and you hardly ever get to see her, you miss her more  when she is on her honeymoon and you know you can't talk to her.  Hope you are having a wonderful wonderful time Baby and hope the time goes super slow for you, but for me, hurry hurry home.  I miss you Mrs. and I want to hear EVERY DETAIL.

It's amazing how fast your car can turn around when you are on your way to work and your boss calls and says it's going to be slow, would you like to turn around and go home?

Squirrels play leap frog.  I saw it.  With my own eyes.

Cleaning up the kitchen is almost Zen like if you do it while listening to New Age music.  The dogs like it too.

There are some people you have to love from a distance to keep the love safe, from them.

Some people never realize how good they have it, and some people make good with whatever is sent.

Do not freeze a ripe banana with the skin on, cause trying to remove it to put the frozen banana in your smoothie is like something out of a porn movie.

Finches and their babies like butternut squash.

I wonder what I'll learn tomorrow.

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