Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rest in Peace, Dr. David

There is a book that has been important to me and many of my Sisters, and to those all over the world who faced a cancer diagnosis and were desperately looking for answers on how to keep the monster away.  This book was like a beacon and a cancer Bible, with easy to understand science and practical advice on how to change your life and better your odds.

Anti Cancer, A New Way of Life was written by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, a physician and cancer survivor who was diagnosed at age 31 with a brain tumor.  Years later his cancer relapsed, and once again he regained his health.  I've checked the book out from the library several times, reading and re-reading its powerful message about enabling your body to do its work against cancer, and it gave me great comfort to know that Dr. David "beat" his cancer.

Part memoir, part Cancer 101, his book explains how ALL OF US have cancer cells laying around dormant and "we must all care for the terrain in which they exist."  The book is very helpful in making anti cancer life choices, like eating lots of whole foods and eliminating processed foods, managing stress, exercising, and how unhealed psychological wounds affect our body's ability to heal itself.

I visited his website to see if he had any new books coming out, only to find Dr. David passed away on July 24, 2011, after his on again off again 20 year battle with cancer.

Like a kick in the gut.

My heart sank.

Hello fear.

Holy shit, if this is what happened to THIS GUY, who the hell am I to think I am going to beat this shit?

Deep breath.

This is what it's like sometimes, somewhere between faith and calamity, hoping for the best, sometimes expecting the worst, because this is how a cancer diagnosis shakes you, keeps you looking over your shoulder, for the rest of your life.

Some of the worst things in my life never even happened.  Mark Twain

And some of them did.

Deep breath.

freakin cancer

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Jill said...

I'm feeling that kick in the gut and taking a deep breath right along side of you, Sister. Later this week I'm going in for an oncology check-up. Hoping for the best of course, but we never know, do we?

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