Sunday, October 2, 2011

Common but Often Overlooked Signs of Breast Cancer

breastcancerawareness.gif, by Melanie

So when you are doing all those self exams, looking for a lump or a pea or a kumquat or a gumball, did you know there are other signs of breast cancer that are commonly overlooked?

Any or all of these may signal breast cancer is present:

An itchy boob,
A red boob,
A scaly boob,
A swollen boob,
A thickening in your boob,
A dimple in your boob,
An inverted or even slightly retracted nipple.

Best advice?

In addition to your annual mammogram after the age of 40, and regular self exams mid-cycle, know the other common signs of breast cancer, 

and don't ignore them.

That was how I discovered my breast cancer, an itchy breast and a slight dimpling near my left nipple.

Diagnostics would go on to confirm what I already suspected.

Somethin just wasn't right.

Look at your body.  Listen to your body.

Take good good care of you.

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