Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Do It

cancerribbon4-holbert.gif, october Breast Cancer Awarness Month by Kateri Holbert

Now you know how much I love things that sparkle.  I am all about the sparkle.  Hand over the sparkle and nobody gets hurt.

Lemme tell you, as much as I like this little eye catcher,
there is nothing sparkly about breast cancer.


Breast cancer sucks.

What else can you do when something takes your hair,
takes your boobs,
and threatens to take your life?

You fight like a girl Baby.

Fight like a girl.

Today is the first of October, 
the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
and I am going to post every day,
just to get all up in your face so you will -

Schedule your mammogram,
Know your girls, i.e. your boobies,
Eat whole foods,
Manage your stress,
Invest in your connectedness to family and friends and whatever you love,
and make time
every day
to laugh louder than the crying
and know
God is near.

No more excuses.

Believe me, you don't want to go through all the shit I went through.

Come on now, when WAS your LAST MAMMOGRAM?  You know who you are.

Early detection.
Until there's a cure.

Get on that, will you?

Make the call on Monday and report back to me.

I'm little, but I'm stubborn and I'm feisty,

and I'm pissed strapping fake boobs on every day.

Just do it.

For gosh sakes,

Just do it.

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