Sunday, November 27, 2011

While There Is Time Left

While there is time left

Hold nothing back.
Give everything.
Lose everything.
To everything you love.

While there is time left
Say I'm sorry.
Say I love you.
Say you matter.
Say I need you.
Say I see you.

Take a deep breath,
The roses are blooming.
Pant in their sweetness
Till it fills your lungs.

Take a good look
The sun is rising.
Another perfect day
Given you.
Do not squander it.
Every step is precious.

Enough of your tinkering
And talking
And scheming.
Create it. Build it.
While there is time left.

Stand in the
Center of the storm,
And unchanged,
And even when
Your heart is breaking,

Stand in the wreckage
And the glory of your sacred life
and say

This is who I am.

While there is time left.

While there is time left.

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

I shared this post and your post from 11/26 with a friend of mine who lost her Mom to pancreatic cancer on Sunday (11/27). She passed away 56 days from diagnosis. Your words truly touch people. So when you're wondering if anyone is reading? We ARE & are sharing your words with others. So thank you from all of us out here. Keep up the good work. Love ya!

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