Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Calling All Sisters! Calling All Angels!

Hello to all my Sistahs of the Sacred Order of the Cancerous Breasts!  I need your help, and here's why.

On the evening of Friday, January 13th, a five alarm fire gutted an historic building in downtown Fairfield, California, displacing several businesses with offices there.  One office in particular was very important to me.  It was the local office of the American Cancer Society and staff.

I have mentioned my friend Kimberly on the blog many times, she is the Associate Coordinator for this office.  She knew me before I ever knew her, when shortly after my diagnosis Husband called this ACS office to inquire about pink ribbon pins.  He wanted family and friends to wear them and send photos to me on Mother's Day.  Kimberly was such a huge help to Husband, and that was the beginning of our relationship with ACS.

We had many phone conversations, and she continues to be a HUGE SUPPORTER of me and my blog.  I was so happy when I finally met Kimberly in person, when I went to her office to choose my free wig provided by ACS.  With Kimberly's help and encouragement, I was brave enough to choose a red one.  Here I am in it:

My whole life I've been a blond, but I figured what the hell, let's give her a go.  Well, my red wig and me in it was a favorite.  I felt NAUGHTY putting it on, and with everything I was going through, how FABULOUS to feel sexy!  I always thought blonds get a lot of attention and I've had my fair share, but lemme tell you, you ain't lived till you've been a redhead.  Red heads got it goin on, and EVERYWHERE I went in that red thang I got flirted with, hit up, and compliments.  I'm talking at the grocery store! It was crazy.  Anyway, my red wig was chosen from two huge cupboards full of wigs at the Fairfield office, and I felt great in it.

I was also the recipient of many cute hats all lovingly made by Kimberly's Mom, Norma, which were also part of the huge stock of hats, scarves and wigs available to any cancer patient at the office.  Here's a photo of me in one of the hats:

Ain't I cute?  Thank you Norma.

This local office was also where I signed up for an ACS "Look Good, Feel Better" class.  I just can't say enough about how much it helped me to have this resource at a time when it was so desperately needed.

This is where you come in Sisters.  Everything was lost in the fire.  Not just all the resource materials.  All the wigs and scarves, all the hats made by Norma.  All of them.  Destroyed.  Norma has been very busy making hats to replenish inventory - 30 hats in the past three weeks!

Have you been holding on to some of your old breast cancer accoutrement?  Have you thankfully graduated from Cancer Camp and that stuff is just taking up space in your closet?Why not send it as a Valentine this year to my local ACS office.  They really need donations, it's so easy.  I plan on donating my cache of wigs and scarves (I'm still wearing the hats, thank you very much Mama).

Will you join me?

Even if you aren't a breast cancer survivor, but have a wig, hat or scarf you'd like to donate for a cancer patient who really needs it, please send it in.  Here is their temporary address while they look for new office space:

Ms. Kimberly O'Gorman
American Cancer Society
5055 Business Center Drive, Suite 108
PMB 359
Fairfield, CA  94534

Thank you so much, Sisters gotta stick together right?  Get in that closet!  Donate today!

Pay it forward Baby!

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rochambeau said...

I'm so sorry for this fire. THank you for spreading the word about the donations!!! I'm going to see what we can do next week.
Always happy to read your words and feel your great attitude!!
Love to you !!


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