Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh Dear Me, Still Not Enough D3!

I am quite familiar with all the discussion about Vitamin D3 for health, immunity and cancer prevention.  Did you know that most of the women diagnosed with breast cancer are very low in Vitamin D in their serum blood levels?  I didn't take this lightly, and for at least a year I've been taking 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 every day, and whenever weather permits, I sit out in the sunshine between 10am-12 noon for 10-15 minutes or so, without sunscreen, to soak up some Vitamin D.

I was thrilled that at my last appointment with The Good Witch a week ago, all my labs came back excellent.  Tumor markers good, all organ function excellent, cholesterol low, good cholesterol excellent, blood pressure 119/71.

Imagine my surprise though to find out my serum Vitamin D level in my blood was still very low!  Yikes!  It was only 35.  Most of the info I've read states that your blood serum level should be in the 50-70 range for health, and the 70-100 range for treating cancer and prevention.

Oh my goodness!!

Now that I've found out just how low I am, and based on recommendations I've read, I'm upping my intake of D3 to 8,000 IU per day.  I prefer to buy the soft gels in either 2,000 or 5,000 IU; it's a whole lot easier to get up to 8,000 when you start with a higher dosage pill.

The only way to determine the correct dose is to get your blood tested since there are so many variables that influence your vitamin D status. I recommend using Lab Corp in the U.S. Getting the correct test is the first step in this process, as there are TWO vitamin D tests currently being offered: 1,25(OH)D and 25(OH)D. The correct test your doctor needs to order is 25(OH)D, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D, which is the better marker of overall D status. This is the marker that is most strongly associated with overall health.  Dr. Mercola

Your "D" serum blood level is a very good number to know, and just requires a blood draw, so next time you get your cholesterol checked, have your Doc check your "D" level too.  If you are in cancer treatment, or a Survivor, you really should know this number and have it checked.

Here's more info from Dr. Mercola's website to learn more about what some consider "the silver bullet" for cancer, Vitamin D3.

D3 from Costco, plaque from Kimberly O


Anonymous said...

Nice informative article... i hope those women who have fear of having breast cancer. should stop taking drinks. just start red wine and less in quantity and stop taking junk food. reduce fats from body and don't take fatty food. and take vitamin D hope you will be protected and fulfil 8 hour sleep or less 6 hour.

Kimberly said...

I'm also low in Vitamin D. When they first found out my level was a 9.

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