Sunday, April 8, 2012

the sacred ordinary, Easter 2012

Waking just before daylight, no sound, the world sleeps, and then the sun rises on an Easter morning, birds break out in praise like God's choir.  I have a front row seat in my backyard.
He is risen.  He lives.
A hot cup of chai tea while the rest of the creatures in this house sleep.
Picking up remnants of a BBQ and get together at our house last night hosted by my son. Most honored guest?  Cara girl, our Easter miracle released from the hospital for the weekend after 40 days there.
A purple bead bracelet with a tiny prayer box dangling, inside it my most solemn prayers. (thank you Kimberly O)
Hot rolling my hair for church, having hair to hot roll.
My family (Husband, 2 sons, and mom-in-law Grandma) all seated next to me in the pew at a high spirited joyous moving and way too long Easter service at a Baptist church.
Realizing that on the two year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis, I will be an opening ceremony speaker at the UC Berkeley Relay for Life, 4/21/12.
Getting back into jammies and a late afternoon nap.
Yellow tulips blooming outside my front door.
A sacred heart candle glowing on the mantel.

This was my sacred ordinary.  I am so blessed and thankful for a weekend that was like coming to a safe peaceful place, out of the storm.  Thank you God, I needed this respite from what troubles me.

I am thankful for
another breath.
Another chance to get it all wrong.
Get it all right.

I breathe in this sacred life,
reminded this Easter night,
no matter what,
will ever separate me
from God's love.

Happy Easter dearest Reader.

from your writergirl that dreams

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Kimberly said...

I'm so pleased that you like the bracelet. It's funny to see me as Kimberly O. Growing up I had two friends also named Kim so I was referred to as Kim O. To Nell's Dad I was always be Kim O. One boy even called me Kimosabe.

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