Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Farewell Y-Me, sad sad sad

I am very sorry to say that a significant resource for me during and after cancer treatment has closed after 30 years due to lack of funding.

Chicago based Y-Me, aka Network of Strength, was a huge help to me in the early days after diagnosis, during treatment and beyond.  I regularly visited their website to participate in chat forums with other breast cancer survivors to discuss a huge range of topics online.  It was such a comfort and resource to me, and I made many friends there.  Many of you read my tribute to a Sister who was very important to me, Kimberly.  The Y-me forum is where we met and started corresponding.

I can't imagine my journey without it!  I am so so sad, especially for the newbies, that this resource is gone!  There were many days I spent hours on the forum, talking with my Sisters, getting love and encouragement and wisdom wisdom wisdom from ladies who been there done that!

If you are a Sister who frequented Y-Me, please come visit me here, I am looking into a way to add a section to my blog that would allow for chat.

I made a luminary last year for the Sisters that I frequently chatted with, and I'm so thankful that at least some of us exchanged email and snail mail addresses, but for many, I have no idea how to contact them.

If you are a Sister who is a regular to my blog (Hello Faith&Hope, Jill, Debra, Bobbiejayne, Pat and Jane Marie), please spread the word, and let's keep the conversation and love and support going.

Thank you thank you so much Y-me for all your years of support and dedication to breast cancer survivors, like me.

I'll be making another luminary for my Sisters this year too.  I thank all of you Sisters, I hope those I'm not in contact with find me.

Thank you Y-me.  Thank you.


rochambeau said...

Yes!! Hopefully YOU will be able to have a new and better forum here, Debbie!!! There must be a way!

Hugs to you!!
for ALL you do.


Lisa Grey said...

Here I am! Starfish! Let's be sure to keep in touch through our blogs.

writergirldreams said...

Starfish starfish!!! Hi there! Nice to hear from you. Tell me, how far out from diagnosis and treatment are you now? I hope all is well! xoxo

writergirldreams said...

Thank you Constance!

Anonymous said...

I have been off on vacation :) for a little while and when I got back I thought I'd "check in!" I am so glad I did, but I must admit the thought of no Y-Me (NOS) has rocked my world. That Forum was my touchstone for the past 2 years. I knew I could go there for comfort & understand & love! Thanks for meeting me there WGD and carrying on our web-ship/friendship! You Rock! Hope others find "us".
Blessings from Faith & Hope

writergirldreams said...

Hi there F&H, yes me too, the Y-Me forums were a huge resource for me, I am very sad it all just disappeared. Especially for all the newbies, like we were once, doing an internet search by typing in "breast cancer" to see what we could find, and then we all found each other. I have tried other forums, but none of those were like that one. Blessing to you too Sister.

bg5 said...

Hey Lady
How are you doing? I have missed everyone. You are all in my thoughts and deeply attached to my heart. I managed to get back on the boards just in time to see the post from Laurie "F Bomber" about Kimberly.
The highlight of the boards.... Our Cyber dinner plans with Kimberly'extended family!
Thank you for the Luminier and all you do for all the sisters and it truly is a shame to loose the board for all of us and the newbies...
(((HUGS))) Love and Blessings to you.

writergirldreams said...

Well hello there Bg5, cool, hello, hello Sister! Yes I miss the chats on Y-me so much, and all the sisters!!!! What a loss! Love and blessings back to you Sister, peace be with you Barbara.

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