Wednesday, August 1, 2012

3 Relays in 24 Hours! Wringing out the Light!

As I wind down my year as a 2012 Hero of Hope for ACS, I have tried to accept as many speaking requests as I can.  This last weekend was a marathon!  Three different Bay area Relays in 24 hours as an opening speaker, a Luminary speaker, and a Fight Back speaker! Many thanks to Husband, who helped me with all that driving, coached and calmed me, and helped me accomplish this.  As much as I love speaking to people, I still get very anxious and it helps to see somebody that loves me in the crowd.  Not to mention, he gets credit for all these great photos!

First stop?  Oakland Relay!  I was their opening Survivor speaker; their Relay was held at a lovely Catholic high school, Bishop O'Dowd.  It was a beautiful morning and I was generously received.  I even got a pink pom pom out of the deal!  Yay!  I haven't been a cheerleader since high school!  Thank you Oakland Relay Committee for requesting me!  It was great.

I am the Hero of Hope Hugger!

Another 2 year BC survivor, just like me.
This lovely lady is a 2 year survivor just like me, she attended with her daughter, and both of them were really touched when I talked about the agony of having to tell my boys "Mom has cancer."

I've been thinking, can they use my tummy AND butt to make my new boobies?

Been awhile since I was on a track with a pom pom!

This beautiful lady, Mykah Montgomery, sang the national anthem.

What a voice!

After getting home from Oakland, I was very sad to hear the news that my friend and fellow cancer survivor Terri DiSalvo, Chair for Willow Glen Relay, lost her beloved Mother to lung cancer early that morning.  It was a sobering reminder of why we all do what we do, and are so passionate about Relay.  My sincerest condolences to Terri and family.

Terri and I at Willow Glen Relay
My next Relay later that night, after a good nap?  Belmont at Oracle in Redwood City!  I was a luminary speaker there, along with another Hero of Hope from last year, Dorothy Lake.  Many thanks to Sima Folger, Belmont Relay Chair, for all your kindness and generous support of both Dorothy and I after we spoke.  It was a pleasure to meet you Dorothy and your Husband Sam, both of you cancer survivors!  You are an amazing awesome HOH!

Dorothy Lake, 2011 Hero of Hope

Dorothy mentioned in her speech, she wished she had gotten a red wig, so Dorothy here it is, my red wig from ACS! 

Belmont Luminary ceremony

I almost felt like an Olympian carrying the torch.  Gold medal in Cancer Camp!

Her Husband passed of cancer, she thanked me for sharing my story.

A young fan who was very knowledgeable about the latest cancer research! Wow!
My last Relay of the weekend was Sunday morning as the Fight Back speaker for Novato Relay, at San Jose Middle School.  The morning started off a little cool, but as soon as the fog burned off, it was Novato hot!  Thank you so much to Nikki Hugh, Novato Relay Chair!  Girl, you are hysterical, devoted and it was my honor to meet you!

The littlest Relayers!  They said they Relay for the sleepover!  LOL!

This is a great ACS program! I did it, and I felt better!

Novato Relay Chair, Nikki Hugh

This gentleman told me "You really struck a chord."

Yay Boy Scouts!

Zac, this guy's fro had yours beat I think!

Paula Blair, an 86 year old two time BC survivor
This was crazy!  During my speech, this lady, Paula, was on her morning walk, and heard me speaking.  She stayed to listen and talk to me after.  She told me we are Sisters, she is 86, and a two time BC survivor, and she gave me her phone and email in case I ever needed her.  She made me cry, and then said to me "Don't cry, don't cry, be happy!"

Every time I speak at a Relay, I am blessed, blessed, blessed.  Thank you for all the love you showed me during my Relay marathon!

Such love does
the sky now pour,
that whenever I stand in a field,

I have to wring out the light
When I get

- St. Francis of Assisi

I have only two Relays left to speak at.  This weekend at my home Relay in Vallejo, I will be the Fight Back speaker Sunday morning, August 5th.  Then August 25th, I will be the opening speaker at the Benicia Relay.

I have been so honored and blessed to be an ACS Hero of Hope.  Wow.  What a ride.

I'm still wringing out the light poured out on me.


There's still time to donate online towards my Relay goal, just click on this link to my page!

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