Monday, September 24, 2012

Time flies

Two years ago today I received my final chemo infusion, after five long months of it..  Time flies when you're having fun.  And alive.

I will miss the taste of chemo, I will miss the blood return, I will miss the grogginess coming over me in minutes, like a warm blanket suffocating my head and closing my eyes without my permission.  I will miss watching the drip drip drip of overkill to save my life.  I will miss the cold sips of ice water out of a paper cup.  I will miss peeing hooked up to a rolling IV,  in the intermission between pre-meds and the hookup of da good shit.  I will miss the strange colors and odors of my pee during and in the days after chemo.  I will miss the stool softeners, the Ativan, the Vicodin.  I will miss the seven days of shots for four weeks following each round of AC.  I will miss the exorcist Port, and the PICC snake slack making its home in the tender skin of my arm.  I will miss the constipation.  I will miss the nausea and the vertigo, the fog and the fuzzy logic.  I will miss the aversion to red kool-aid liquids, reminding me of AC.

And let's not forget the hair, falling strands turning into clumps turning into skeins turning into dead dreadlocks turning into a sore and tender scalp turning into bald as Kojak.

September 24, 2010

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