Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vallejo Relay 2012 - Closing Ceremony

Oh dear me, I am really behind on the blog while keeping up with my life!  For those of you interested, here is my speech at the closing ceremony for Vallejo Relay for Life!  Yay!

A special thank you once again to my friend Kim Cooper who invited me to my first Relay, and was a big part of events that led to me being a Hero of Hope for ACS.  Thank you Kim.  Love you.

Thanks to the love and support of many friends, family, and coworkers who I consider both, I raised $1,000 for the Vallejo Relay this year.  Thank you so much, one and all!

Coming soon - Opening ceremony video of my speech at Benicia Relay, as soon as Adam gets it loaded on to Youtube.  Come on Adam!

My first Relay, summer of 2010, 4 months into chemo

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