Saturday, October 13, 2012

Drains Drains Go Away...

Sleeplessness, constipation and tenderness at the surgical site aren't a barrel full of monkeys, but they can be tamed and managed and drugged.  For me, it's the drains that are the most difficult to deal with.

You have to empty them and strip the line two or three times a day, measure the output and keep track on a little chart, but mostly it's the drains themselves - they hurt and are annoying as hell.

I have two small incisions at my rib cage on either side of my chest, and the drain tube is stitched in place where it comes out there.  It's as big as aquarium tubing, and you feel very vulnerable wearing these things, always trying to secure the slack so that you don't accidentally pull it or catch it on something.

My first go round when I had the bilateral, I had to wear the drains for two and a half weeks.  I'm hoping this time will only be a week.  They are driving me freaking cray cray; oh did I mention you can't get them wet so you pretty much sponge bath it while they're in.

Husband accidentally poked me in the chest this morning, and I went all Exorcist on him, I swear I did.

Even those of you who know me well would never recognize the guttural deep tone of voice I do have when conditions arise that necessitate it.  I startled the shit out of him; he forgot about that voice.

This stuff really wears on you day after day after day, I'm not the patient patient I once was, and I got a long way to go.

Will you pray for



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Anonymous said...

I commented on those awful drains a couple of days ago. I hated them, too. It was so damn hard, damn hard. I admire you for taking this step in your healing.... I just don't have the strength & courage to go there again. I'll live without and try and hide behind the rubber boobs! Ain't cancer the pits? My son, age 12, at the time of my diagnosis was my biggest care giver. A joy...yes a joy of a kid. Reminds me of yours! We're blessed and I'm glad to have you, too! Prayers always my webfriend - F & H

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