Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Psycho Baby

His cousins nicknamed him "psycho Baby" when he'd get an evil look in his eye, and chase them around our house and growl.

He turns fifteen today.

His brother loves him.

His Daddy loves him too.

He makes me laugh.

I could not have survived Cancer Camp without him.  I never thought at 12 years old, he'd become a caregiver for his Mama.

He is everything to me.

He is everything to all of us, we waited for him, especially his big Bro.

I am blessed as a two year breast cancer survivor,
I'm still here today,
to bake his cake for him.

Zac, I love you so much Son.

I pray wherever your path takes you in your life,
you always know
how very much you are loved.

Happy Birthday Son,

love Mommy

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