Sunday, October 7, 2012

Surgery Eve

Thank you very kindly to my friend Kim, nope not American Cancer Society Kimberly, and nope not Relay Kim.  Affectionately known as Uncle Kim, an old friend from back in the day, who graciously used his travel rewards to get Husband and I a room in Palo Alto the night before my surgery.  Thank you Courtyard Marriott for the free wi-fi, so I could talk to you tonight.

The Husband and boys in the house will tell you I was cranky today.  Uh huh.  Yes I confess.  I had all kinds of nervous energy whose only salve was a vacuum and bossing boys around.  Oh and thank you Javi for the hug and an offer of a french fry "It's fresh Mama."

Yes I am relieved to get this show on the road, but it brings up a lot for me.  When you're a cancer survivor, no matter how hard you try, there is always a tendency to look over your shoulder and worry about the what if's.  This is the first time since my bilateral they'll be opening me up.  I surely hope and pray the good guys have been winning and the bad guys are nowhere in sight.  This I pray. Hear my prayer Lord. 

I am not a morning person, never have been, so a 6am check-in tomorrow morning sure makes me anxious, but at least we didn't have to travel from home to Stanford the morning of!  My last morning appointment with the plastic surgeon took just over two hours to travel there, because of commute traffic.

I have the usual pre-surgical instructions, nothing to eat or drink after midnight, and stop use of any NSAIDS and fish oil one week prior to surgery.  I've been instructed to shower with a special disinfecting soap bar they gave me; it's wrapped in foil and looks like a brick of butter.  Will be buttering up later.

Yesterday being Zac's birthday was a great distraction for me, today not so much.  I got a little weepy earlier today, I suppose anticipation, excitement and dread all stuck in my throat.

I made the mistake of watching a plastic surgery video of tissue expander surgery a couple nights ago, yikes Baby!  Poor ol Flopsy and Mopsy, getting filleted like salmon again.

It's an outpatient procedure, which means I'll be in recovery longer than I'll be out!  I plan on blogging regularly again throughout this process, so stay tuned for all the fun.

Writergirldreams rides again.

Please send me all your good thoughts, prayers, moco chocolatte ya ya and whatever else you got that might be helpful.

Got courage?

I seem to have depleted my supply.

Send back up.

Ok everybody,




Set me free Doc, carve until you set me free of this body that still looks like Cancer Camp.

Set me free.


Anonymous said...

Prayers are being send your way for comfort, peace, joy & a great nights sleep. It's all in God's hand and He has you in His hand. Love you!!!!! Naniglenda

Anonymous said...

Feel the love... your webfriends are all right here cheering you on and praying for success & healing. Go Girl! F & H

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