Saturday, January 5, 2019


Can you see it? Nestled in the sticks and the mud and then, there it is. Sometimes hard to find. Sometimes you must close your eyes to see it. Faith. Faith. On a walk with my son over eight years ago I made this little sign for myself, as he played on a tree swing tied to a tower of eucalyptus. I was in cancer camp at the time, and needed a reminder that I am the daughter of a King. That I am loved and favored. That He would pull me up out of the muck and the mire and plant my feet on solid rock.

It’s been almost nine years since I battled Stage 3 breast cancer but oh the legion of angels He sent me. Oh the blessings that rained on my life. In the early days of my diagnosis I cried out ‘why me Lord why me...’ Looking back now, I would not give it back. In my sickest darkest days faith was renewed, a marriage restored, strength and peace found in surrender to His Word and mercy. On this last day of this year, I am picking up my sword again, straightening my crown, gearing up for battle, and keeping my eyes on the hills from where my help will come. I’m part of a new and privileged club now; evidently just being a VIP member of the Sisterhood of Cancerous Breasts was not enough.

 There is more for me to do and say and learn and educate, as I’ve been recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer aka Stage 4. ‘It’s in me bones’ she says ‘aaaargh’ like a Pirate. There ain’t no Stage 5 folks so I’ll be picking up my pen again, blogging again on this new journey, telling you about my sacred ordinary wherever it takes me. I always wanted to go to Club Med, not Club Met! Come with me dear Reader. I’ll need your company. And love. And prayers. Saying goodbye to 2018. Let’s do this 2019. I’m ready. Writergirldreams. That’s me.

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Kady Wells said...

I found your blog by accident today as I was looking up articles about the late Carol Channing, which led me to a Jody Berke video and Google led me to you from there. Anyway, I am praying for you and will continue to do so daily. Your writing is captivating and filled with honesty and it's a blessing.

Anonymous said...

No.No.No. This Sista says No! I won't have it. I won't have my Writer Girl Dreams go through this. What?What?What? After all this time, for some reason (of course, it's God) you have been on my heart....totally out of the blue. It has been a nudge for a week or more. Sooo...I finally listened to the and sat down at the computer to look you up. My Writer Girl Dreams, who blessed and got me through my own struggle at the same time as your Round 1.
Tears rolling down my face. I see you. I am praying and starting the journey back up again with you.
Faith & Hope (remember me?)

writergirldreams said...

Thank you so much!

writergirldreams said...

Of course I remember you!!! xoxoxo

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