Wednesday, February 13, 2019

On a Rainy Day

The Fairy Ring

Oh, have you seen the fairies dance
Upon a Summer's night?
And watched the gnomes and pixies prance
Whene'er the moon is bright?
'Tis splendid fun to see them run
As soon as it grows light...

Eugenie Thornton

It's been raining hard all day today.
The sky is gray and the house would be dark without lights on.
Sometimes when the world gets too big,
too scary,
too overwhelming,
I escape to the tiny places.

This was my project today,
while dreaming of summer,
pixies and gnomes,
thatched roof cottages,
woodland creeks
and shaggy moss.

even when you are all grown up,
you need to play,
and find joy in a fantasy world
you create.

In your busy life,

did you find some time to play today?

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