Sunday, October 18, 2020

Pink Ribbons Won’t Cure Breast Cancer

I was originally diagnosed with Stage3 invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast in April of 2010. I spent over a year in cancer camp, which included five months chemo, bilateral mastectomy, seven weeks radiation. They poisoned me, cut me, and lit me up to kill that cancer. With each year that went by with no signs of it, I was so grateful I beat that bitch. Fast forward to 2018, an X-ray for a possible kidney stone showed spots on my bones. A CT and bone scan confirmed, 8 years out the cancer had spread or metastasized to my bones. What a blow. Stage4 breast cancer. We can’t cure you, we’ll do our best to keep you alive as long as we can. Median survival only about three years. I was so relieved my treatment back in cancer camp appeared to be working. Scans over these last almost two years showed no progression, although spots remained in my bones. My last scans were in June. What a relief. Still ‘stable.’ 

Oh Lordy help me when a recent colonoscopy & endoscopy revealed cancer present in my stomach and colon. Well fudge. I am awaiting additional testing on that pathology to determine is this the same cancer now progressed farther, or a new cancer diagnosis? Once determined, I’ll start a new treatment plan. Yay me. It’s Pinktober y’all. Less ‘awareness’ and more research on the only breast cancer that kills. Stage4 or metastatic breast cancer. Nobody no how no way dies when breast cancer remains in the breast and guess what? Even 30% of early stage diagnoses go on to metastatic breast cancer. Despite all the pink ribbons, the death rate for metastatic breast cancer has not changed. Why is that? Because only 2-5% of research dollars are spent on the only breast cancer that kills! We aren’t winning this war I’m a soldier in. Front line Baby. We getting massacred out here. Every thirteen minutes another of us dead. Every. Thirteen. Minutes. Early detection of breast cancer is not enough. Stage4 needs more. Every. Thirteen. Minutes. 

So this is my letter and plea from the battlefield. Pink ribbons don’t cure cancer. Want to help? FUND THE RESEARCH. We getting massacred out here. Every thirteen minutes another BC warrior dies. 40,000 dead from metastatic breast cancer annually. Take that $$$ you’d spend on Pinktober and pink ribbons and pink balloons and pink merchandising and instead FUND THE RESEARCH.

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