Friday, November 20, 2020

Happy Birthday to me!

Heading into my bday weekend and season of Thanksgiving with awesome news today! After only one cycle on the new chemo treatment, my blood work showed it’s working! My tumor markers dropped 50 points! Let me say that again! 50 points! In cancer world THAT’S HUGE folks! Now the goal is to experiment with a lower dose that will still be effective but easier to tolerate. This is common with Xeloda; finding the balance between a dosage that works and quality of life! 

Since my recurrence two years ago, I think it was the happiest I’ve seen my Onc at an appt! There are lots of options for treatment, usually going from bad to worse. Sure feels good knowing this suffering of side effects has not been in vain! 

And I finally gave in and agreed to a handicap placard.  Onc asked me if I wanted a permanent or temporary. I’m like ‘You know me, I’m an optimist, let’s do a temporary.’ 🤣

Today was a gift and despite the challenges of these side effects, I am feeling ENCOURAGED! This is a marathon folks, not a sprint, but today just in time for my bday Deb 1, cancer ZIP! Yay!! Halleluyer!! Let the church say AMEN! Every day, even the worst days, I still find something to be thankful for. So once again, thank you family and friends and followers, your prayers and good juju continue to make all the difference for me! Happy Birthday to me! Every birthday, every new day, every breath, a victory! Thank you Jesus!

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