Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Mama’s Day Out

Can’t sleep. Too happy. Reliving this day. My birthday. Got out of the house. Was able to wear shoes. Was able to walk. Ate on a blocked off SF street turned into outdoor dining. Hello salt and pepper crab. Come to Mama.  Wandered through a favorite space. Victorian architecture in all its century old splendor. What a grand old lady she is! Water flowed. Orchids bloomed. Lily pads danced. Eden. Peace peace peace found here.  I keep reliving the sights and tastes and smells and sounds, etching it into my blond brain like hieroglyphs to tell the story of this day. Today we did not let the uncertainty of our future stop us.

There was no could have,

should have,

would have.

Let the record show,


we lived!

#happybirthdaydeardebbie #sfconservatoryofflowers #goldencrabhouse #family #memoriesmade #nottodaycancer #cancerschmancer #livinmylifelikeitsgolden

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